Which Factors Are Important in Your Provo Home Search?

Which Factors Are Important in Your Provo Home Search?

A picturesque town in the heart of the Utah Valley, Provo provides residents with an active job market, a plethora of outdoor activities, a sumptuous dining scene, and a variety of cultural attractions. From outdoor excursions like hiking to the Mount Timpanogos summit, ice climbing at Bridal Veil Falls, or rafting down the Provo River to cultural experiences like a visit to the Brigham Young University Museum of Art, residents never have a shortage of entertainment options.

If you're seeking the ideal property in the heart of the Utah Valley, Provo is a great spot to start your online home search. However, before you jump into the home-buying process, there are certain factors you should consider in your search. Use this list to determine exactly what you want and narrow down your home search focus.

1. Location

As the third-largest city in Utah, with 35 neighborhoods to choose from, there are many nuances to different sections of Provo. Finding your ideal home requires a clear understanding of what you expect from the neighborhood, how your location will impact your commute, and your proximity to local amenities that suit your lifestyle.

Provo, Utah real estate is popular for a variety of reasons, and one neighborhood can differ distinctly from the next. For example, Edgemont is one of the most popular neighborhoods for families due to quiet streets and proximity to BYU and the Shops at Riverwoods. If you're seeking a luxury home on a sprawling wooded lot with stunning mountain views, River Bottoms is more likely to offer the perfect location for your home search.

Once you've decided which neighborhoods are most likely to meet your needs, narrow your list further by determining how each location affects your daily commute and other needs.

2. Condition and age of the home

Low prices are attractive, but buying a house "as-is" can have significant drawbacks. Older homes are more likely to have aging structures and outdated systems. For example, if you're considering a house built in the 1950s, it's important to know whether the roof has ever been replaced or if the home has its original wiring. On the other hand, an older home that has been renovated might be a great option, as many gorgeous homes in Provo were built decades ago.

3. Financing options

Unfortunately, your budget is a factor in any home search. While the cost of living in Provo is average, rising interest rates have affected home purchases nationwide. The median home price in Provo is $590,408. If you plan to invest in a luxury home, you can expect a higher price tag.

Before beginning your home search, it's essential to consider how much house you can afford. Certain loans and assistance programs can help homebuyers make the most of their budget when purchasing a new home. After learning about your financing options, take other costs into consideration, like homeowner's insurance and HOA fees.

4. Weather

If you're moving to Utah, you've likely considered that winters in the area can be harsh. Yet, you may not recognize how the property you choose can be more heavily impacted by winter weather. Provo gets an average of 43 inches of snow each year. Your location along with the terrain of your property and the surrounding roads could have a substantial impact on how the weather affects your lifestyle in Provo. When searching for homes, ask your realtor (and residents who live nearby if possible) about the effects of winter weather on routine travel.

5. Transportation

Whether you need to commute to work or school, your choice of transportation will have an impact on your lifestyle. Luckily, Provo has a strong public transportation system and nearly 44 miles of bike roads throughout the city. Whether you prefer to travel by car, bike, or public transport, many of Provo's neighborhoods make travel easy. Provo is served by the Utah Transit Authority bus system and Salt Lake Express intercity bus service. Additionally, the UTA Forerunner commuter rail provides transport to Salt Lake City. If you plan to depend on public transportation or the town's many bike roads, it's a good idea to learn about specific routes and how your home's location could affect your chosen transportation method.

6. Home features

The neighborhood you live in and your lifestyle will ultimately affect how you enjoy your property. However, the features inside and outside of the house are one of the most vital aspects of choosing the right home.

Searching for a new home is exciting. It can be easy to get swept away by glamorous photos of enormous rooms and lavish finishes and fall in love with a home that doesn't really meet your needs. Before you begin your search, it's crucial to create a wishlist of "must-have" and "nice-to-have" property features. For example, you may need a three-bedroom home with a large kitchen to adequately house your family. By starting your home search seeking these features, you can avoid setting your sights on homes that could fail to meet your basic needs.

Perhaps you'd also like an expansive outdoor living space, an open floor plan, and a spa bathroom. Your realtor can help you look for homes that check off all the boxes on each of these lists while helping you keep your top priorities in check. You could even craft a third list with special wishes that add an extra touch of luxury.

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Provo offers residents an exciting array of activities and amenities that make properties in the area highly desirable. The city is also a major destination for higher education and is home to many successful companies. These opportunities make it little surprise that the housing market in Provo can be competitive and difficult to navigate.

If you plan to move to Provo, you need the resources to understand the local area and make informed choices about your property purchase. Whether you're seeking a luxury home with easy access to the area's renowned outdoor entertainment options or a community served by the state's best school districts, you need professional advice from a realtor with local experience. Mike Gooch Real Estate is a leading real estate firm serving neighborhoods in Utah County. Mike is among the top 1.5% of agents nationwide and is the #1 Coldwell realtor in Utah County. His genuine passion for helping his clients achieve success makes him the ideal choice to assist you in finding your ideal Utah County home. Get in touch today to learn about homes for sale in Provo, Utah.

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