Don’t Forget to Choose 8 Non-Negotiables Before You Search For Homes in Lehi

Don’t Forget to Choose 8 Non-Negotiables Before You Search For Homes in Lehi

Before starting your home search in Lehi, it's essential to identify your non-negotiables to make sure you’re aligned with your end goals. What is a non-negotiable for a home search, you may ask? These are the features or characteristics of a home you are unwilling to compromise on during your search.
First and foremost, think about your budget and location preferences. Determine the number of rooms you need, from bedrooms to bathrooms and beyond, and any must-have amenities, such as a garage or outdoor space. Consider your future plans, such as starting a family or working from home, and how the new property must accommodate those needs.
Read on for a discussion of how to evaluate your non-negotiables before beginning your search for Lehi, Utah, real estate.

1: Budget

Naturally, your budget should be at the top of your non-negotiable list. Before you set your budget, getting pre-approved for a loan is absolutely essential so that you can narrow down your home search to properties that fit your financial situation.
Next, consider your current expenses and how those are most likely to change upon moving into the new home. Will you be spending more on gas due to a farther commute? Or are you planning to move into a larger home and pay more for utilities? You may be pre-approved for an amount higher than you are willing to spend based on your lifestyle needs; it’s crucial to be mindful of how much you’re comfortable paying in the future.

2: Location

The location is the next non-negotiable you should always consider when looking at homes for sale in Lehi, Utah. Is there a neighborhood you love? One you dislike? A street you find too busy and noisy to be suitable for living? Do you want to live close enough to Lehi Elementary to walk your kids to and from school?
These are all critical questions to think about when choosing a location. Consider the distance from work and other factors that will affect your daily life in the future. Use this section of your list to narrow down your search to several potential neighborhoods so that you can determine which ones fit your lifestyle and needs most closely.

3: Number of rooms

Think about how spacious of a home you'll need. How many bedrooms and bathrooms will you need to accommodate your family comfortably? Will you require a separate room for an office or nursery? Perhaps you'll need a home gym or craft room. How often do you intend to host guests, and do you plan to have relatives stay with you when they visit? Think about how you utilize your current space and how you expect to use your new home.

4: Garage

Having a comfortable and established space to store your vehicles is another non-negotiable popular with most buyers. Think about how many stalls you'll need. Start by reviewing how many cars you currently have. Do you plan to expand your fleet? Do you need extra space for gardening tools or bicycles? What about kids’ toys? Christmas decorations? With a minimum size for the garage in mind, you can ensure that the homes you consider meet your expectations and have plenty of space for storing your belongings.

5: Outdoor space

Outdoor space should also be on your list of non-negotiables as well. Do you need a spacious yard for kids to play in? What about the dog? Do you want a patio or deck for entertaining? Are certain trees and plants important to you for aesthetic reasons, or should some be avoided due to allergies?
Before beginning your search, determine the exact features you want to see in your outdoor space. It is also essential to consider the size of the outdoor area and the potential for a landscaping overhaul if the current space does not meet your needs. Also, think about how you will maintain the space to look its very best.

6: The potential for growth

While it is impossible to predict the future in its entirety, estimating how your life will likely change based on your current trajectory is possible. Are you on track to expand your family by having children? Do you have teenagers moving out within the next few years? Do you have elderly parents who may need care? Do you work from home now or anticipate having a more remote-based schedule in the future? Will you need extra office space? Ensure the homes you consider have adequate room to accommodate your needs in the coming years.

7: Proximity to amenities

When considering the proximity to your favorite amenities, you must start by reviewing your habits. Where do you tend to stop for coffee? Do you have a preferred grocery store? Is there a restaurant that knows your order because you're a regular? By knowing the places you frequent, you can ensure that the homes you consider are close enough to meet your lifestyle needs.

8: Absolute "NO" Items

To round out your list of non-negotiables, you'll want to consider whether there are any features you vehemently do not want to see in your new home. Does the idea of removing wallpaper irritate you? Are you done with carpet and will only accept hardwood floors? Is there an architectural style that you particularly dislike? Adding your list of "NO" items to your non-negotiables can further tailor your search to only homes that interest you.

I've got my list of non-negotiables. Now what?

After compiling your list of non-negotiables, you may find yourself seeking additional real estate tips for buyers. The next step is to hire an expert local agent who is highly familiar with the area and who has vast experience helping buyers find their perfect homes.
As a standout agent, Mike Gooch is exceptionally in tune with the Lehi, Utah, real estate market. Mike is ready to guide you to an excellent new property that checks all the boxes on your wish list. Reach out today to get started!

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